EASME/EMFF/2017/ – Sustainable Blue Economy

Co-funded by the EMFF programme of the European Union

Atlantis Consulting is a private firm (est. 1992), composed of 20 highly skilled employees (engineers, economists, IT and science & technology experts). The company has experience in the management and implementation of national/international projects in the fields of sustainable tourism valorisation of underwater archaeology, ICT research, innovation policy,innovative financing (e.g. Business Angels Networks), evaluation and impact assessments for public and private organisations.At the same time, Atlantis Consulting cooperates with 130 organizations all over Europe in contractual relationship.


Through past projects, ATLANTIS has developed significant expertise in all aspects concerning Underwater Museums (UMs), Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Diving Parks (DPs) in Greece: national/regional policies/plans/strategies for development of diving tourism, financial/management models for UMs, MPAs, DPs, diving technologies & innovation, networking of and local community engagement in areas ofunderwater cultural/natural interest.


Innovative financial instruments to be used for attracting investments:


1. Atlantis has actively contributed to the establishment of the Adriatic Ionian Business Angels Association (AIBAA), a result of the IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 Smart Inno project. The AIBAA consists of Business Angel (BA) Associations of the Adriatic Ionian area, who have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, and is supported by the European Business Angels Association (EBAN). The main aim of the AIBAA at thisearly stage, is the analysis of opportunities for applying to EU co-financing measures (ie.EIF Co-investment Fund, ERDF Funds) combining BAs’ investments in the Adriatic Ionian macroregion, as well as the identification of financial opportunities for international calls.


2. Adrion Business Angels Network (ADRION BAN) is an initiative of ATLANTIS Consulting SA. It consists of more than 50 Business Angels from South-East Europe, who are willing to invest in innovative companies in Greece, and to finance them from €20,000 up to €500,000. The Network has been established in October 2015 and it has already signed three deals. The purpose of ADRION BAN is the creation of a successful and profitable community of Business Angels, in order to strengthen new and innovative business ideas, which are characterized by competitive advantages, high growth and extroversion. Adrion BAN is an invaluable and high quality network characterized by full discretion, and by channelling business proposals that are considered as investment-ready. Investment-readyproposals are not only the ideas that are accompanied with a comprehensive business plan, but also those that meet specific preferences and criteria of potential investors.


This unique operational framework:


1. Guarantees that only worthwhile and promising prospect investment opportunities will be presented through “pitching” to the BAs.


2. Maximizes the chances of succeeding a deal which will be profitable and will take into account the mutual preferences and interests of the involved parties.


The network constitutes an effective contact point and an efficient tool of communication among the investors and the entrepreneurs. This structure promotes and develops the evolution of innovative entrepreneurship and is able to enhance and motivate the individual investing activity.