Salone dello Studente – Dec/2020 (@University of Calabria)

Divesafe2/ December 16, 2020/ Events, News, Other Events

During a virtual workshop organized on December 16th by the Salone dello Studente and the University of Calabria, Marco Cozza from 3D Research has presented the DiveSafe project.

The inspirational talk, named Research, Innovation and Passion, was intended to stimulate the interest of more than 650 students by presenting the results of research activities carried out by the University and its spin-off companies. 3D Research was invited to present all the projects in which it is currently involved.

Mr. Cozza’s presentation focused on the DiveSafe project to demonstrate how the results of research activities can be capitalized and integrated into a ready-to-market product. After a quick introduction of the main aim of the project, Mr. Cozza described the architecture of the DiveSafe system and the results achieved so far.

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