EASME/EMFF/2017/ – Sustainable Blue Economy

Co-funded by the EMFF programme of the European Union

Fournoi / Greece (UCH)

Two alternative sites are proposed in the area of Fournoi, within the Fournoi – Agios Minas channel, which is located on the eastern coastline of Fournoi Island, between the main island of Fournoi and the smaller island of Agios Minas.

It is a passage commonly used by seafarers in order to escape bad weather conditions, which over the centuries of nautical trading in the eastern Aegean region, has resulted – as recent evidence from the Fournoi survey show – in the accumulation of multiple wrecks.

One of the two proposed sites described here, can serve – having the necessary licensing – as pilot sites, for the validation of the DiveSafe system, depending on weather conditions at the time.


  • 1st alternative site: Fugue cape of Fournoi island, also known as Aspros Kavos.

It is located on the north side of the channel, which extends between the islands of Fournoi and Ag. Minas. In this area the slopes of the hill, fall almost vertically into the sea, forming steep slopes, inclines and deep waters underwater. Aspros Kavos cape has been searched up to the depth of 60m during the 2015, 2016 and 2017 campaigns of the Fournoi Survey Project And in a total distance of 600m of steep rocky coastline, several wrecks have already been located. at depths that range from 4m to 60m. The geomorphology of the seabed includes sandy areas between rocky formations on an intensively steep, gradational seabed that ends up at a vast sandy sub-terrain at about 100m depth. The difficult and diverse geomorphology of the underwater environment, as well as the vastness of the designated research area (600m X approximately 100m) make this UCH site very challenging for the validation process of the Divesafe system..

  • 2nd alternative site: Northern coasts of Agios Minas.

In this site, as in Aspros Kavos, several wrecks have been located along a coastline of approximately 900m, They are at depths ranging from 10m to 60m in sandy enclosures of the rocky sloped seabed.


Access to the area of the pilot site is by boat, from the small village of Kamari, located on the main island of Fournoi. The area is exposed to north/north east winds, and is inaccessible with winds stronger than 5 B. Under any other circumstances, the dive boats can lay directly above the  site, so testing of the Dive Safe equipment will be easily evaluated.