EASME/EMFF/2017/ – Sustainable Blue Economy

Co-funded by the EMFF programme of the European Union

The KORSEAI Institute of Historical and Archaeological Research was established in Fournoi, in order to support, implement and promote all archaeological research, educational and cultural heritage protection activity conducted in the area.


The aims of the Institute are:


1. To be involved in scientific field research, in the study of ancient, medieval and newer discoveries, sites, and in general material and immaterial expressions of Cultural Heritage, on land, at sea and the underwater environment.


2. To promote historical and archaeological research; to assist in field research of the Archaeological Service of the Greek Ministry of Culture & Sports.


3. To organize conferences, events and exhibitions.


4. To strengthen access to knowledge, education, creation of training programs and lifelong learning and training.


5. To present and publish research results related to the above programs, both in Greece and internationally (production and distribution of audiovisual material and multimedia applications, writing and publishing books and / or magazines, the creation of web sites, etc.).


6. To be involved in the creation of theme parks related to the Institute’s objectives.


7. To be involved in the implementation of protection, exploitation and management interventions in the area, and to participate in programs and partnerships with State or Private initiatives with other European Union or non-EU countries.


8. To contribute morally, spiritually and economically to the promotion of archaeological research and cultural heritage protection in the area of the Archipelago of Fournoi.


9. To create incentives to organize and develop the above activities with the involvement of the general public and the local community.


Based in: Fournoi Main Street 111, Fournoi Korseon 83400, Greece

info [at] korseai.com


Contact Person: Markos Garras, +306932741808, info@korseai.com