EASME/EMFF/2017/ – Sustainable Blue Economy

Co-funded by the EMFF programme of the European Union

Rosh Hanikra / Israel (MPA)

National Park,  Located along the northern coast of Israel. Achziv was an ancient city. It is mentioned in both the Talmud and the Mishna and is believed to have been inhabited for at least 3,000 years. Ruins of the ancient city, including a Crusader-era castle known as Casle Umberti, are available for exploration. Achziv Canyon is part of an underwater rift that creates unique underwater topography. The site spread from the islands of Rosh Hanikra Park at the North until Achziv Park at the south, about one km from shore and is part of the Achziv National Park. The top of the cliff is at a depth of about 10 meters and its bottom in some places reaches a depth of 30 meters. The walls are covered with corals and plants and many sea creatures such as squids, small rays, and sea-turtles are attracted to the site.       

Since 2011, HaMaarag’s (is Israel’s National Ecosystem Assessment Program) conducted in the Achziv -Rosh Hanikra terrestrial monitoring, ecosystem services, geographic information systems and remote sensing.