EASME/EMFF/2017/ – Sustainable Blue Economy

Co-funded by the EMFF programme of the European Union

RomeCup 2019


The DiveSafe project was presented by David Scaradozzi, Arianna Pugliese and Laura Screpanti (UNIVPM) at the RomeCup 2019. RomeCup is a multi-event with exhibitions, competitions and workshops for schools, universities, research centres, Institutions and SMEs, with the aim of inspiring the new generations to study scientific subjects and stimulating them through robotics experiences. The 13rd edition took place in Rome from 02nd to 05th of April 2019. David Scaradozzi (UNIVPM) was member of the scientific committee and was in charge of organizing the “MareBOT”, a challenge for secondary schools on the design of marine robots. He presented the DiveSafe project during a talk for students and teachers, explaining how marine robotics can meet educational robotics and describing the blue careers possibilities. Furthermore, Arianna Pugliese and Laura Screpanti met students and teachers from primary schools, secondary schools and universities at the UNIVPM booth in the exhibition area, to tell them about the DiveSafe current activities and future challenges.